Quality Improvement Tools

The sample intervention tools provided below represent examples of partnerships, strategies, and intervention materials developed by the Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) in every U.S. state and territory. Each QIO works within its’ state’s health care system to help health care providers to measurably improve the quality of care delivered to Medicare beneficiaries. QIOs have developed and nurtured unique relationships in their communities as facilitators, partners, providers of technical services, and consultants. QIOs work in partnerships with all components of the health care system, including hospitals, physician offices, outpatient clinics, managed care organizations and nursing homes.

The following intervention tools are representative of materials and assistance available in support of the National Diabetes Project for the purpose of improving primary care for persons with diabetes. For more information contact Jim Turpin at the Texas Medical Foundation at 1-888-691-9167 or via email at .


Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) have produced a wide variety of intervention tools that providers are free to reproduce without copyright restriction. However, we ask that no changes be made to the actual files without the permission of the originating QIO as some pieces require certain verbiage to comply with government requirements. We encourage you to consult your local Quality Improvement Organization. They may be able to provide individual assistance to further meet your needs. Thank you for your interest in these materials. We appreciate your commitment to continuous quality improvement.

For Practitioners

Flow Sheets

Diabetes Mellitus – Minimum Practice Guidelines (OK QIO)
Diabetes Mellitus Minimum Practice Recommendation (TX QIO)
Preventive Services for Medicare Population Recommendation (TX QIO)
Diabetes Flow Sheet (CA QIO)
Flow Sheet for Diabetes Care (GA QIO)
Diabetes Care Flow Sheet (CO QIO)
Diabetes Check Points Flow Sheet (SC QIO)
Diabetes Flow Sheet – VHQC Wellness Initiative (VA QIO)
Chronic Disease Documentation Set (TX QIO)

Reference Lists

Diabetes Mellitus Web Site and telephone Reference List (TX QIO)
Diabetes Resource List (GA QIO)

For Patients and Families


“How to prevent diabetes complications” (CA QIO)
“Take Charge of Your Diabetes” (CO QIO)
“If You Are a Patient With Diabetes” (OK QIO)
“On the Right Path to Diabetes Management” (IN QIO)
“If You Have Diabetes” (GA QIO)


“Prevent diabetes complications” (CA QIO)
“Take Charge of Your Diabetes” (CO QIO)
“If You Are a Patient With Diabetes” (SC QIO)
“If You Have Diabetes, Take Charge of Your Health” (MA QIO)
“If You Have Diabetes, Please Remove Your Shoes and Socks” (IN QIO)
“Si usted tiene diabetes” (If you have diabetes–Spanish language) (TX QIO)

Health Records

“My Diabetes Diary” (PA QIO)
“My Diabetes Diary” (CT QIO)

Reminder Cards

“On the Right Path to Diabetes Management” (IN QIO)
“Have You Taken the Next Steps?” (CT QIO)
“Prevent the Complications of Diabetes” (NY QIO)